Treatment Process at Riverview Medical Services Inc.

Patients will be contacted and an assessment is scheduled with one of our psychiatrists after we have received the rTMS Patient Referral Form.

The assessment is an important screening step to establish the diagnosis and to determine if rTMS would be safe and appropriate for you. The assessment takes about an hour during which the psychiatrist will review your psychiatric and medical history, the treatment you have tried and the medications that you are taking. Once the psychiatric assessment has been completed, the psychiatrist will review the diagnosis and treatment options, including rTMS, but the patient remains under the care of the referring physician.

If the patient is a suitable candidate for rTMS and is willing to proceed with treatment, additional questions or concerns will be discussed and treatment consent forms are completed.

Patients do not need to stop or start any medications prior to beginning rTMS treatments.

Throughout the course of rTMS therapy, treatments are administered by Registered Nurses under the direction of the psychiatrist. The psychiatrists and nurses at Riverview Medical Services Inc. all have specialized training in rTMS therapy. A psychiatrist is always available during the treatments to address any rTMS issues that may arise.  Although the patient is receiving treatments from Riverview Medical Services Inc. and our staff and psychiatrists, the patient remains under the primary care of their referring physician.