Benefits of Therapy

rTMS is well tolerated and is associated with few side effects.

No sedation or general anaesthesia is required and patients are awake and alert throughout the treatment.

There is a quick onset of therapeutic effect. Most patients tend to be aware of the therapeutic benefit after 14 – 20 sessions. Late responders may require additional sessions to achieve significant symptom reduction.

After completing a treatment of rTMS, no recovery period is required so patients can drive home or to work and resume their usual activities.

rTMS has not been shown to be associated with cognitive impairments such as memory loss or inability to concentrate. It does not produce many of the side effects caused by antidepressant medications such as gastrointestinal upset, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, weight gain or sedation.

In recent rTMS trials for treatment of depression, about 60 % of people achieve a response (which is defined as a 50 % reduction in symptoms as measured by standard scales) and 30 – 40 % of people achieve remission from depression.